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Vumii Imaging is a night and all-weather vision technology leader that delivers a broad spectrum of thermal imaging and near-IR security products that are time-tested and field-proven. Our products incorporate the latest infrared thermal imaging and optical technology and use only high quality components. Vumii’s portfolio of cameras and systems provides every piece of the puzzle for detection, recognition, and identification tasks, day or night.

Technology Innovation
Vumii is a technology innovation pioneer delivering easy to use products with capabilities such as:

  •  Hyper-spectral imaging
  • Long-range zero light assessment
  • Unique algorithms empowering uncooled systems to perform at near cooled levels (e.g. long distance, low maintenance, auto focus, continuous zoom.)
  • Embedded unique image processing algorithms (e.g. fire detection, SNR)

Best Image Quality
Vumii products deliver the best quality video by leveraging over 30 years of innovation and expertise in night-vision technology, utilizing superior image and signal processing, high quality components, and unique product design.


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Markets and Applications


Nuclear plants, power plants and utilities are frequently the target of sabotage or terrorist attacks. Security professionals select Vumii for night vision, wide area surveillance, threat assessment, detection and situational awareness.  Thermal imaging cameras enable threat detection before they become a  risk .

AirportsThroughout the world, airports face a variety of security challenges — from common threats faced at many sites such as theft and vandalism, to more serious threats such as terrorist attacks on key aviation targets. Monitoring the perimeter in remote parts of the airport to prevent intrusions is a top priority.

Border Protection

Securing borders requires round-the-clock surveillance systems that function effectively day and night, in all weather conditions and with minimal need for maintenance. Vumii thermal camera systems are successfully deployed in numerous borders security projects, in different countries in all major continents.


With a growing popularity of renewable energy, various facilities that are located in remote areas are vulnerable to vandalism and theft. The ability to identify potential threats and alert local law enforcement in a timely manner is essential to prevent ongoing damage and loss.

Selected Products

Accuracii XRU

A market-leading long range dual-sensor surveillance system with high-sensitivity

Sii ML

A 24/7 outdoor security thermal camera used for observing and monitoring sensitive sites

Compact and lightweight thermal system, which combines two video channels

Compact and lightweight thermal system, which combines two video channels