Vumii’s ISC West Product Overview

ATLANTA – May 15, 2012 –Randall Foster, President of Vumii Imaging, Inc., in conjunction with GSN, presents Vumii’s Thermal and Near IR Camera portfolio at ISC West.

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About Vumii

Vumii Imaging, Inc. delivers a comprehensive portfolio of surveillance cameras that enable its customers to detect, recognize, and identify security threats during the day or in complete darkness. With nearly 30 years of development and manufacturing expertise, Vumii’s innovative thermal imaging and near-infrared illumination (lasers and LED) technology are used to protect seaports, airports, critical infrastructure, public utilities, military bases, government sites, and borders. Vumii’s systems are easily integrated into existing commercial and homeland security infrastructure.

Vumii is a privately held company headquartered in Atlanta, GA. For more information, visit