Norway Fire Detection

Vumii Integrates Fire Detection into Firefighting Logistics System

Vumii has announced the integration of its Sii AT Fire Detection Camera into the Locus TransFire System in Norway. The integration of the thermal cameras enables a live thermal video feed, sending real time alerts with coordinates directly to the TransFire system to enable prevention and fast response to fires.

With the Sii AT’s Fire Risk Detection capabilities, a virtually unlimited amount of fire and heat sources can be detected, while avoiding false alarms from hot spots at the scene. Fire, or even an increase in heat occurring before fire actually starts, can be detected as far as 6 kilometers away. Visual alarms are displayed on the operator’s screen, while simultaneously sending alert signals for both fire and risk of fire over a wide area network, enabling emergency services to respond in a timely fashion.

Sii AT is part of Vumii’s broad line of thermal cameras and camera systems, allowing fast detection and reaction to a large amount of security threats and safety issues.

The TransFire system, developed by Locus Public Safety AS, a key supplier of logistics solutions to emergency services, is used by a large percentage of emergency call centers in Norway. Using detailed maps, the system helps with decision making and improves resource management, providing full integration of all fire-related systems to provide a complete firefighting logistics system. The Vumii Sii AT fire detection camera has been fully integrated into Locus’ TransFire system. Once the camera triggers an alarm, the information is fed into the fire command center and a fire truck is dispatched. The data is automatically plotted onto a map and displayed real time on a screen in the fire truck, ensuring that the team has the exact location and all necessary information before arrival at the scene.

The fire detection capabilities provided by Vumii are slated for use in a number of towns and facilities at risk of fire throughout Norway and further afield.