8 Thermal Imaging Innovations That are Making Our Lives Better

Thermal Imagers for Early Cancer Detection

Yes, you heard me right. Breast cancer, one of the most common cancers, affects millions each year worldwide, with late detection being one of the biggest problems. Breast thermography, now being practiced in a number of locations, is being used to scan for angiogenesis (new blood vessel formation), one of the very first measurable signs that something might be wrong. While not recommended as a replacement for traditional diagnostic methods, this new technology has important implications that warrant further study.


Thermal Binoculars for Tactical Missions

No matter your mission, eventually you are going to run out of daylight. This makes handheld thermal devices especially important lifesaving gear for coast guard, law enforcement, and SWAT teams. Police and search and rescue teams across the globe are now regularly using handheld thermal cameras to find missing people and fugitives, saving lives and getting criminals off the streets faster than ever before.


Thermal Gas Detection Cameras

While these are still priced for professional use, their very existence is improving your life by making it possible for companies and government regulatory bodies to instantly render fugitive emissions visible. This has major environmental implications, allowing for fast identification and response to gas leaks. Less harmful gas leaks mean cleaner air, and that’s good for everybody.


Thermal Monocular (Scope) for Wildlife Observation

For those of us that love the outdoors, observing wildlife in its natural habitat, whether at sea or on land, presents one of the biggest challenges (and is something we spend millions on vacations for each year). Animals are careful by nature, and hiding from humans comes with the territory. Often, you could be within several feet from a multitude of creatures and never know it. The thermal monocular solves this problem, by allowing you to reveal and enjoy animals in the wild, long before you get close enough to scare them away.


Thermal Cameras for Your Mobile Device

Handheld thermal cameras are one of the most popular consumer gadgets of the year, with good reason. Once only for the wealthy, you can now own a seriously powerful professional grade thermal imager for less than the cost of a new TV. Useful for everything from taking gorgeous pictures, to majorly reducing your energy bills, to scanning dark parking lots before walking to your car, the personal thermal camera is one little tool that is improving lives everywhere in a big way.


Nighttime Driving Assistance

Driving at night, or in bad weather can be pretty scary, especially in unlit rural areas. To combat this problem, some new vehicle models are being developed with integrated thermal night driving systems.  Much like the color rear-view cameras that have become standard in newer model cars, thermal night driving assistance cameras can “see” in the dark, rain, fog, and snow, and have a screen that shows you a clear thermal video feed of the road conditions around you, making night driving easier, and safer.


Thermal Cameras Make Cities Safer

Traffic cameras with thermal cores can improve traffic patterns by reading the environment and responding accordingly. If a biker or a pedestrian is approaching, the camera will respond by changing the light so that they can safely pass. The cameras also reduce waiting time and wasted gas for automobiles at stoplights by turning (and keeping) the light green if no one is coming from the other direction.


Wearable thermal imagers

Wearable cameras, like helmet mounted thermal imagers, might seem like futuristic gear, but they are already being utilized by teams of firefighters. These devices are important, lifesaving gear that every firefighter should have, as they see through smoke, and can identify people who are trapped or unconscious. Helmet thermal cameras are especially important, as firefighters need their hands free when they are navigating dangerous burning buildings.


From saving lives and the environment, to keeping you safe, these incredible innovations all use thermal imaging technology to improve our lives.