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The Use of Johnson’s Criteria for Thermal Camera and Systems Performance

When customers are considering which thermal security camera or system to buy, one of the first questions asked of thermal imager manufacturers is usually: “At what distance can the IR camera detect a target?”. In other words, what is the camera’s ability to capture very small details at great distances? When thinking about effective surveillance, it is […]

Vumii To Show Field-Proven Security Solutions at ESS August 16-18

The International Security Fair of Bogota (E+S+S) is considered the largest and most experienced business platform in Latin America. It is a leading point of convergence in terms of investment, renovation and acquisition of security technologies. Vumii will be present at the ISTC booth # 803A, our partner for the Latin America and Caribbean markets, displaying its extensive […]

Modern Drone Threats and Detection Solutions

The drone market is booming According to a 2016 report, revenues from drone sales are expected to top $12 billion by 2021. Shipments of consumer drones are expected to more than quadruple over the next five years, while the military sector will continue to lead all other sectors in drone spending. Drones or UAV’s (unmanned […]

Bears, Borders and Integrated Security Solutions

Did you hear the one about the bear that nearly caused a nuclear catastrophe? It was in the midst of the Cuban Missile Crisis. A guard at Volk US Air Force Base – home to a number of armed nuclear bombers – spotted a shadowy figure apparently attempting to scale the fence. The supposed Soviet […]

Reducing Fire Risk at Waste Management and Recycling Sites

Humans produce massive amounts of garbage each year. In the US alone, 700,000 tons of trash are produced per day.  All that garbage must go somewhere, and much of it ends up in waste management and recycling sites. These sites are at constant risk of fire. As the waste pile decomposes, chemical reactions that happen […]

8 Thermal Imaging Innovations That are Making Our Lives Better

Thermal Imagers for Early Cancer Detection Yes, you heard me right. Breast cancer, one of the most common cancers, affects millions each year worldwide, with late detection being one of the biggest problems. Breast thermography, now being practiced in a number of locations, is being used to scan for angiogenesis (new blood vessel formation), one […]

11 Amazing Thermal Images You Have to See Right Now

In the last 10 years, thermal imaging technology has been developed for a seemingly endless host of applications, for everything from diagnostic thermography, to controlling fugitive VOC’s and harmful hydrocarbon emissions, to making cool music videos. Like the image of Abu Simel temple in Egypt above, the ten thermal images below tell a story that is usually hidden […]

Thermal cameras for search and rescue saving lives at sea

Coast guard and search and rescue teams face extreme conditions daily, as a regular element of their jobs. At night, and especially in stormy weather, efforts to save people in the water can quickly become a nightmare scenario simply because they can’t be seen. Handheld thermal cameras can save rescue teams precious minutes that make […]

See what Vumii Has to Offer This Spring at ISC West

ISC West is the largest security industry trade show in the U.S. This year we will be showcasing a number of our field-proven security solutions. Vumii’s broad line of rugged camera systems for observation and assessment will be on display, including models serving long, medium and short range needs: Accuracii™ XRU, Accuracii™ AT Mini and […]

Thermal Security Cameras for Dummies

4 Reasons to Choose Uncooled Thermal Systems They cost a lot less While thermal security cameras with cooled systems undeniably perform better at extreme long ranges in clear weather (think over 20km), most surveillance needs are more localized. For human recognition surveillance of ranges up to 10km, systems using uncooled thermal sensors can be much cheaper […]

Opgal is Unveiling the Thermal Security System of the Future

The future of thermal security cameras became reality as Opgal Optronic Industries Ltd., a leading manufacturer of thermal imaging systems, announced that they will be unveiling their new Sii™ OP thermal security camera later this month. Based on Linux OS, the Sii OP is defined as the first thermal camera with a truly open embedded […]