Vumii Comments on Nuclear Power Plant Security Regulation

When the NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) approved 10 CFR 73.55, one critical element was threat assessment.

At Vumii, our award-winning camera systems can provide this capability more effectively / economically than anyone.

In the “Detection and Assessment” section of the regulation, it states explicitly:

The licensee’s intrusion detection and assessment systems must be designed to…[p]rovide a visual display from which assessment of the detected activity can be made.

We believe that most of today’s popular night time camera systems are incapable of doing this adequately.

The NRC’s website goes even further on, indicating that intrusion assessment is an integral part of protecting nuclear power plants.

“Intrusion detection systems can falsely alarm because of environmental or other factors; therefore, the licensee must assess whether an alarm is genuine or not. The assessment also provides information to the security force about the number, location, and weapons of the intruders [and] speed of individuals through the isolation zone… Intrusion Alarm Assessment performance should be adequate to correctly identify actual intrusions despite adversary use of such techniques as:
• camouflage of persons in the isolation zone
• shadows or other lighting conditions in the
isolation zone
• alarm stacking, that is, causing a large number of
alarms over a short period of time…

One thing is particularly intriguing about this requirement. There is a major oil and gas refinery in the US where the security people had decided to use thermal cameras for threat detection and other thermal cameras on a PTZ for threat assessment. After some analysis – and conversations with our trained staff – they then realized that you cannot do proper threat assessment at a distance with uncooled thermal IR cameras. In the end, they chose Vumii for their
threat assessment cameras.

From Vumii’s perspective, one cannot adequately perform threat assessment with traditional, thermal IR cameras, and the choice is clear: Discoverii and Claritii, if true threat assessment is the goal. Why is this such an important issue? According to one prominent nuclear power industry professional:
• By using a great threat assessment camera, you can assess threats without turning your
guard into a potential hostage (or casualty)
• A great threat assessment camera can help your security forces do more with less
• A great threat assessment camera can provide an “eye in the sky” to help you assess
activities throughout the far reaches of your site.

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