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Vumii Extends its Camera Line

ATLANTA, June 11, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Vumii™ Imaging, Inc., a global developer and manufacturer of innovative high-quality thermal and near-infrared illumination cameras, has extended the Accuracii multi-sensor line of camera

systems to serve any range, budget or application. “The broad product portfolio serves ranges from 100m to beyond 20km, enabling customers to select the camera that best fits their requirements,” said Craig Beal, Product Manager, Vumii Imaging.

“Vumii has developed one of the most versatile lines of thermal camera systems in the industry,” said Beal. The Accuracii family of cameras offers a wide variety of thermal cores and lenses from 8.5mm to 700mm, serving short, medium, and long-range safety and security applications.”

Joining the Accuracii line is the new dual-camera Accuracii AT which features athermal lenses up to 100mm. “The Accuracii AT is designed to provide excellent value in wide area day and night surveillance,” noted Beal.

The Accuracii ML delivers optimal performance for mid-range applications with close-up threat assessment capabilities, through the use of either a unique continuous zoom 15-100mm lens or a competitively priced Dual Field of View (DFOV) 45/135mm zoom lens.

Accuracii XRU uncooled thermal systems have been specially developed to provide long-range performance comparable to cooled systems, but without the added maintenance requirements and related costs. The continuous zoom cameras feature lenses with a range from 25mm to 225mm.

Completing the line are the ultra long-range cooled Accuracii XR systems with various continuous zoom lenses ranging from 19mm to 700mm. Delivering superior video image quality, the Accuracii XR enables extreme long distance threat assessment, detecting a human from 16km and a vehicle from 21km.

“The entire Accuracii line fills unmet needs in the market, delivering an unparalleled range of products which easily integrate with radar, VMS, and tracking analytics to deliver 24/7 covert security,” concluded Beal.

About Vumii Imaging

Vumii Imaging, Inc delivers a broad portfolio of cooled and uncooled thermal, laser and LED near-IR, and visible security camera systems that enable its customers to detect, recognize, and identify security threats during the day or in complete darkness. Vumii is a privately held company headquartered in Atlanta, GA. For more information, visit