Accuracii XRU

Vumii’s Long Range Surveillance Camera Systems Featured at IFSEC

Accuracii Solution Ideal for Protecting Borders, High-Risk Perimeters

ATLANTA – March 28, 2012 – Vumii Imaging, Inc. a global developer and manufacturer of innovative high-quality thermal and near-infrared illumination cameras, will showcase its Accuracii family of long range dual-channel thermal surveillance camera systems at IFSEC in Birmingham. The Accuracii camera systems combine two advanced video channels on an integrated ruggedized 360° pan-tilt positioner to deliver continuous covert security and maximum situational awareness.

With both long range and midrange models, Accuracii camera systems are ideal round the clock surveillance tools for protecting borders and high-risk perimeters. This configurable family of systems has several thermal options including three cooled cameras or a continuous zoom uncooled thermal camera in addition to HD or SD color choices with a range of lens options.

With industry standard communication protocols and easy installation and integration, Accuracii provides government organizations, seaports, airports, power utilities, and commercial properties with a versatile and economical solution that offers excellent remote observation and surveillance capabilities at distances of up to 20 kilometers day or night.

“This latest platform is based on more than 30 years of experience and innovation and utilizes our uniquely engineered components for maximum image quality, visual details, situational awareness, user friendliness, and 24/7 threat assessment,” said Chris Ruttle, CEO, Vumii. “These new camera systems further enhance our expanding line of surveillance products by delivering long range day and night continuous zoom performance, high thermal sensitivity, and brilliant daytime color images while withstanding harsh outdoor conditions.

“Accuracii XR is available with MWIR 640×512 cooled 15 µm detectors and three high quality zoom lens options or an innovative LWIR 640×480 uncooled 17µm detector coupled with a 25-225 mm continuous-zoom lens. The uncooled thermal camera provides a much lower total cost of ownership as compared to a cooled thermal camera, by eliminating the need to have scheduled maintenance.

Accuracii ML uses state of the art 17µm 640 x 480 thermal technology and features either a 15-100 mm continuous zoom head or a 45/135 mm dual field of view head for day and night operation and a ¼” CCD camera for daytime operation. Accuracii ML, providing superb 24/7 night and day performance, is ideal for both detection and assessment of security threats.

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