Vumii’s Newest Long-Range Cameras Punctuate The Difference Between Thermal Cameras for Threat Detection versus Cameras Optimized for Threat Assessment

Sept 18, 2009 — For decades, there has been incredible progress in the ability to detect threats at the perimeter of a site, a border of a country, or on a body of water. This spans technologies from radar to fence sensors, and thermal cameras to video motion detection. And much more. But once a threat is detected, especially a threat that is detected in the dark, it’s important to assess that threat effectively. This is important in order to be able to respond faster if the potential threat is a real danger. If it’s just an animal or false alarm, then it’s important to ignore it so that security forces aren’t distracted from real dangers. And if something bad happens, there are various important reasons to record the details of what happened in the dark, whether for finding the perpetrator — or for prosecuting the perpetrator.

For years, Vumii has been developing cameras that can do all of those things. But now, Vumii has pioneered a new line of long-range day/night threat assessment cameras, cameras that are more economical, making them accessible to a much larger set of companies, government agencies, and military forces.